Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

☆ Non-stop highly interactive bubble fun!

☆ Sound system with a lovely sound track (great for both adults and children).

☆ Bubble Girl in a delightful costume.

☆ Bubble back drop if required.


These may change to best suit childrens ages, weather and number of participants & may include:

○ Countless bubbles big and small some to pop others for games

○ Mega bubble clouds

○ Bubbles in bubbles

○ Bubble afros, beards, koala ears, princess hair

○ Heads in bubbles

○ Decorating bubble pie

○ Dodge bubble

○ Keep the smoke bubble alive

* Sheltered from wind for the widest range of games.

* Activites will vary to best suit the age range and weather.

Are there any terms & conditions?

Yes, there are terms & conditions you’ll need to agree to, mostly about safety. You will find these in the booking form. 

How long are you usually booked for?

Birthday parties – 1 hour

Festivals – up to 8 hours

Which type of venues are suitable?

When choosing a venue keep in mind and go to FAQ “* What ground surfaces are safe”

Also, shade outside of winter

○ Your back or sometimes front yard

○ A park

○ A preschool or daycare centre

○ Function centre

○ Bowling, Rugby or Surf clubs

○ In your garage or Carport

Also consider FAQ “*What if it rains?”

What times can I book?

June, July, August – 1000, 1300 and 1600 

All other months – 1030, 1330 and 1630

What if it rains?

If raining the host is responsible for shelter.

⚠️It is mandatory that the ground surface must be safe for bubbles. No dangerous surfaces which get slippery within the vicinity⚠️

○ Inside (with wall to wall carpet or fake grass).

○ Carport / garage

○ Marquee (cheap from Facebook Market and Bunnings)

○ Tarps strung up between trees

○ Daycare centres and preschools with rain shelter

○ Some park shelters can be hired

What ground surfaces are safe?

○ Grass

○ Fake grass (wall to wall, can hired from other supplier)

○ Carpet (wall to wall)

○ Unpolished porous surfaces such as brick pavers

○ Asphalt

○ Rubble

⚠️ NO polished or painted surfaces

⚠️ NO non-porous surfaces

⚠️ NO pebblecrete 

⚠️ NO linoleum (lino), rubber or plastic

How many children can we entertain?

You may have as many children as you’d wish. The activities will change to suit the numbers.

Can you put children in bubbles?

Yes, pending there is next to no breeze. This occasionally happens but not often as most of the parties I entertain at are outdoor fun, you may get lucky with this on the day.

I use a hoop and go over their heads. Smaller children I can get the hoop over more of their bodies.

What is the refund policy?

Terms and Conditions:

Full payment is to be made to hold the booking. * Should a party not be able to go ahead due to Government restrictions the booking date can be changed. * If any direct relative (mother, father or sibling) gets covid and it is advised in writing $190 will be retained for the original date booked. The remainder can be used for a party at a later date, that credit is also transferable. In all other circumstances the full amount is only for the date originally reserved and is fully non-refundable inside two months from the booked date.

Are bubbles good at night?

Yes, honestly bubbles are especially delightful at night. With some ambient light rainbow bubbles look amazing against the night sky.

Do I need to supply you with anything?
A couple of colourful kids towels please is all.
Do you need access to water or electricity?

What’s the cost?

Bubble parties are unique and specialised and can be a little dearer than other themes. This is because there are many inclusions and hidden costs (see FAQs “What’s included?”).

Plus, you can have as many guests as you’d like at no extra cost. A Bubbleheads show will entertain multiple children at once plus create a festive vibe for all ages.

Finally, please don’t forget to check out the gallery, where you’ll find the best proof of value! Loads of joy and priceless memories are captured during a Bubble Girl event! You won’t be able to resist taking photos of your children bubbling over with joy!



0 to 10kms – $395

11 to 15kms – $415

16 to 20kms – $435

21 to 25kms – $455

26 to 30kms – $485

31 to 35kms – $505

36 to 40kms – $525

* Plus parking fees if incurred. 

What people say... Gina Tzioris

“This is the second time we have worked with Bubbleheads and again she did not let us down. Thank you so much to the most amazing Bubblehead performer, who made our son James’ Baptism and first birthday party the most amazing experience for our family and friends.”

What people say... Gina Tzioris

“…The children were laughing and running around catching bubbles with the biggest smiles. They were given the opportunity to get involved and create their own bubbles also, which they all loved so much. The bubbly fun was endless. We are very grateful to our bubble lady for keeping the children engaged, and so thoughtfully entertained on our son’s special day – you are awesome!!! 😀”

What people say... Crannio

“Bubbleheads (aka Bubble Girl) was absolutely amazing! She performed at my son’s 2nd birthday and all of the children (and us adults) enjoyed her act so much. I had never experienced a bubble artist before and was truly amazed by how Bubble Girl was able to create those fantastic bubbles, while getting the children involved (even the shy ones). They all had so much fun!”

What people say... Crannio

“…Bubble Girl looked so colourful and fun in her costume and her music was great for all ages. Miraculously enough, not one of the children even attempted to stick their fingers into her bubble solution, as they knew that it would have a negative impact on the bubble making, so hats off to Bubble Girl for being able to explain the importance of keeping little fingers away so clearly to her very young audience. I would highly recommend Bubbleheads for any event – Thank you again for making my son’s birthday party an unforgettable one!”

What people say... R D

“We are so glad that we booked Bubble Girl for our daughter’s 6th birthday. Bubble Girl brought the fun and magic to the party. Both children and parents enjoyed the interactive performance. There were a few hurdles with Covid restrictions and wet weather, but Bubble Girl worked with us to find solutions and make it a safe and fun day.”

What people say... R D

“…I think that Bubble Girl is a true talent and the best children’s performer. Her passion for what she does comes through in the performance, in her meticulous costumes (that matched our ‘under the sea’ party theme), and by the way she conversed with us. Thank you so much for making it such a memorable for our daughter and our guests✨”

What people say... Tarryn Brandt

“Bubble Girl is amazing! My nearly 2 year old could do nothing but flap and jump while she performed. He was beyond excited and obsessed with her. Truly mesmerising! She’s a pleasure to deal with too.”

What people say... Lucia

“What an absolutely wonderful experience. We had Bubble Girl at a 2nd birthday today and couldn’t recommend highly enough. Great experience and the kids just loved it. Thank you for an afternoon of bubbles and fun.”

What people say... Lindsay Zeloof

“Bubble Girl was terrific! We had her come to entertain the kids at a joint 5th birthday party on the weekend. Everyone – the kids and the parents- had tons of fun!!! I’m so glad I found her. She had so many great games and free bubble play for the kids to enjoy.

She is zany and unique in all the right ways. Her act, costumes, props and music combo is so original and delightful. I loved her vibe and how she had the whole group wish the birthday girls a happy birthday at the start and made them feel special throughout. “

What people say... Lindsay Zeloof

“…Bubble Girl was great with the kids, talking to them in a friendly way (but not with any false hyper energy you sometimes get with kids entertainers). When it threatened to rain, she was flexible and creative with a solution. Her communication ahead of the event was professional. I would highly recommend her for any kind of function!”

What people say... Samantha Saling

 “Bubble Girl provided delightful, whimsical, and awe-inspiring entertainment for our son’s birthday party. She kept every single child (from toddlers to primary school age) engaged throughout the entire party – not an easy feat for an after school birthday celebration. Well done Bubble Girl!”

What people say... Leona Lu

“All the children absolutely loved the Bubbleheads lady. My daughter just had a most memorable birthday party. Thank you so much!”

What people say... Kobe Matteo

“I also shared this on her Facebook page. Bubble Girl is a true professional who just happens to be charismatic / engaging / incredibly creative and full of fun! Her costume was gorgeous and she had the kiddies engaged with many others lining up outside the venue to peep through the fence! I would highly recommend her for a wow popping party!”

What people say... Nicole Chang

“We had a Halloween bubble party and kids had a blast! Super professional and really interactive. Great fun for all kids of all ages!”

What people say... Nicole Turner

“Bubble Girl is amazing with kids and adults and her passion for entertainment is beautiful. Whether she is dancing or blowing bubbles you have to hire her for your next event!”

What people say... Josh Gonzalez

“Bubbleheads does an amazing performance and so much fun! 👏👏”

What people say... Cora Lappan

“Highly recommend Bubbleheads, we had over 20+ children and it was the best party ever! Thank you so much Ms Bubbles!”